unlock the growth potential of your web3 community

Hi5r - web3 community growth via Telegram/Discord chat-bots. A bounty, gamification, and referral marketing campaigns builder for web3 and directly in messengers.

⚡️Without external traffic, increase the community on several platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Medium, Discord)  
⚡️ Increase key metrics (TVE, TVL, Twitter Volume, DAU, Community engagement & activity, Retention)
⚡️ Increase the effect of paid traffic (up to 5 actions per conversion).
⚡️Get audiences from other web3 communities through automated co-marketing

SaaS service + marketing, content, dev, team.

Bounty tasks for users:
✨Social actions: Likes, Retweets, Comments, votes, or discord roles
✨Web3 actions: Make transactions, Stake, Provide Liquidity etc
✨Complete a survey or a micro-learning course with test in a chatbotSaaS platform features:
✨Involving mechanics: Points/XP, Leaderboards, Achieves, Mystery boxes, Mini-games
✨Profile users and personalize communications based on their answers, activity, wallet balance  
✨Connect blockchain wallet to a chat-bot, check NFT ownership
✨No-code and A/B testing lets quickly create conversion-optimized funnels suitable for project
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